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Welcome to Female Humiliation blog at!

Have you ever searched for female humiliation content only to find regular BDSM or Spanking pics/videos with only tiny bits of what you would call humiliation proper, not just some girls being tied up or bent over the knee? Are you disappointed with sites that have the word “humiliation” in their names, URLs or descriptions but mostly contain general BDSM found just about everywhere? We have, and we are. Hence this blog. Only movies and stories that put emphasis on female humiliation shall be published here. Enjoy your stay. You are very welcome to add comments and especially to vote for posts using the blue stars below each one of them – it will help us shape this site.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I would love to be your slave as humiliate me and degrade me. I do beileve women like me are only good for the services of all men.

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